Passenger Counting

Passenger Counting

Passengers on PlatformeyeTrain Passenger Counting is a comprehensive package of statistical gathering and analysis, designed especially for rail applications.

The eyeTrain range offers digital (IP) technology matched to the harsh environment of rolling stock applications, providing the highest performance and resilience on the market.

The use of passenger counting data allows train operators to optimise their fleet deployment to match the profile of passengers across the vehicle diagram.

Over and under occupancy journeys can be avoided by setting timetables and routes that match the measured passenger demand.

Counting Technology System Communications

Vertical infra red detectors are situated at all vehicle doors to determine passenger flow In both directions - the detector can recognise movement both 'in to' and separately 'out of' the detection area.

Data Gathering

Data GatheringData is compiled for each vehicle door, allowing the movement of passengers (on / off) to be measured and studied on a car by car and door by door basis . Vehicle name / number, station location and time and date fields are combined with the passenger load data.

System Communications

Each vehicle will 'push' the passenger counting data after each door cycle via the cellular network. The data is collected at a central data server, (this may be hosted by Petards, or alternatively by the end user) and may be made available to a specialist 3rd party data analyser.

Key Points:

  • Counter accuracy exceeding 95%
  • Full secure FTP/Web access and analysis
  • Data import facility to 3rd party analysis tools
  • Full integration with other eyeTrain solutions
  • Automatic cellular network or depot download option
  • Fully ruggedised to match harsh rail requirements

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