Pantograph Surveillance

Pantograph Surveillance

One of the most recent developments in the eyeTrain range is Pantograph surveillance.

As any train operating company will confirm, having an overhead line failure during service can cause major delays and a considerable financial impact. A second major issue for both the train and line operator is the lack of knowledge as to when and how the damage occurred.

Petards solution is a rugged, roof mounted camera that surveys the pantograph and overhead line throughout the trains day and night operation.

In the event of an incident, experts can review footage and quickly understand whether it was the pantograph itself or other infrastructure problems that caused the problem.

EyeTrain Pantograph surveillance uses pixel-level exposure control to combat adverse lighting conditions while looking up at the pantograph. A supporting high powered LED illuminator ensures the pantograph can also be monitored in darkness - providing a round the clock solution.

Advanced options can be added to the system including video analytics, capable of monitoring the pantograph-line interaction movement and alerting the train operator to any abnormal behaviour or 'arcing'. This may highlight the need to perform preventative maintenance which could then prevent a major overhead line incident.

Key Points:

  • Quickly and effectively understand line breakage faults
  • Pixel-level exposure and effective illumination provides 24/7 solution
  • Analytics capable of providing preventative solutions
  • Fully ruggedised, rail proven solution