On-board CCTV

On-board CCTV

Reliable and secure recording of high quality CCTV images is paramount when implementing an on-train CCTV system.

eyeTrainThe eyeTrain system has been specifically designed for the operational rigours of both modern and legacy rolling stock. Fully approved to Rail Group, RIA (Rail Industry Association) and EN standards, eyeTrain incorporates the very latest video, storage and communications technology.

Offering digital (IP) technology capable of recording up to 200 high resolution images per second and allowing a complete train with up to 16 cameras to be recorded by a single DVR, eyeTrain is already regarded by train builders and operators across the globe as the leading brand in on-board surveillance.

End-to-End Digital Imaging

The eyeTrain images are captured direct from the sensor and encoded digitally within the camera. High quality images are transmitted digitally to the DVR via an Ethernet link.

Ethernet System Architecture

Ethernet connectivity and IP protocols ensure secure and reliable operation.
Third party systems may share the eyeTrain Ethernet backbone or alternatively, add eyeTrain IP cameras and DVRs to your existing on train Ethernet infrastructure.

Mass Storage Capabilities

High volume SATA Hard Drive storage arrays provide reliable high volume storage, enough to satisfy the largest operational need, without compromising image quality.

Storage capacity is now at 8000GB and will increase in line with storage technology developments.

Environmental Robustness

The environmental engineering is uncompromised and is encompassed within every element of the eyeTrain range - including software.

Cryptovision 3Support Systems

Network management, installation and commissioning can be performed from a single point on the train, or remotely via a wireless connection.

The operator can now browse the contents of the storage media from a remote point via a secure wireless link, avoiding the need to recover footage from the vehicle directly.

Key Points:

  • No analogue cables or conversion losses.
  • Available in Megapixel resolution
  • Live camera footage can be accessed remotely
  • 16 Cameras can be recorded to a single DVR
  • 8000GB SATA Storage

Existing Customers include:

  • Alstom
  • Bombardier
  • CAF
  • FirstGroup
  • HSBC
  • Hyundai Rotem
  • Metropolitano de Lisboa
  • Porterbrook
  • Siemens