Driver Only Operation

Driver Only Operation

Passengers BoardingThe eyeTrain Driver Only Operation (DOO) System provides an on-train surveillance solution for the safe train dispatch. External body mount cameras provide the driver with a direct view of each doorway on the train to assist with closure of the doors and departure from the station.

The on-board system provides a significant safety advantage over platform mounted mirrors or monitors. Once the train has started moving the driver continues to be able to monitor the side of the train for possible hazards.

Flexible system configuration

The architecture of the eyeTrain system allows the user multiple options to meet their individual requirements. These options include:

  • DOO fully integrated with the onboard surveillance and recording system.
    • The external cameras share the same network, recording and surveillance monitoring as the saloon, vestibule and forward facing cameras.
  • Standalone DOO
    • The system will operate independently of the saloon CCTV or passenger counting system
    • Optional recording of images
  • Fault Tolerant
    • Mission Critical availability can be maximised as failures become non service affecting through scalable levels of redundancy
    • Optional recording of images

Advanced Camera technology

Driver Only Operation CameraThe eyeTrain DOO system uses wide dynamic range digital camera technology with pixel level exposure control to ensure that the train driver is prevented with clear images in all lighting conditions. Standard camera technologies use a single exposure level for the whole image - in the adverse lighting conditions of platform environment, this could mean vital detail is lost through areas of over or under exposure. The pixel level exposure control used by Petards ensures that each individual part of the image is exposed to the best possible level.

The camera modules are supplied in robust IP65 sealed enclosures with internal and anti-condensation heating.

Key Points:

  • Significant safety advantages over platform mounted mirrors or monitors
  • Optional recording of images
  • Wide dynamic range digital camera technology with pixel level exposure control
  • Can be fully integrated with eyeTrain on-board and forward-facing
  • D.O.O system fully scalable and upgradable