Cryptovision is a powerful yet easy to use playback application for the viewing and archiving of eyeTrain video footage from on-board, forward facing and D.O.O surveillance systems.

Simply connect one or more eyeTrain storage modules and cryptovision will present the available footage ready for you to locate your period of interest and create your 'secondary master' archive material for submission.

Flexible Camera Views

The user has the option to select 1, 4, or 8 cameras simultaneously, with independent zoom and pan controls for each image. Multiple instances of a single camera can be shown allowing the operator to zoom into the detail whilst simultaneously following the whole field of view.

Timeline Slider Control

Effortlessly review your stored footage with the graphical timeline control. Weeks of storage can be navigated swiftly by dragging the slider or clicking on the desired time and date.

Event Picker

Activated events are triggered by a range of optional alarm signals, such as Drivers Alarm, Conductor/train Manager alarm etc. The event can then be accessed simply by clicking on the desired event from the picker list.

Secure Archive Generation

Single or multiple camera views can be easily exported in the secure cryptovision format.
Select a start and end time & date on the timeline slider control, and then mark each camera to be included in the sequence.

The archive data, on CD, DVD or Archive drive, can not be replayed without the cryptovision application ensuring evidential continuity.

When portability is selected, a cryptovision mini-player may be embedded onto the disk to autorun and replay when the disk is inserted into a remote PC.

Key Points:

  • Intuitive interface can be mastered by operators of all skill levels
  • Up to 8 Cameras can be selected simultaneously
  • Independent zoom and pan controls
  • Colour coded camera views for improved operator use
  • Event picker able to find 'driver alarm' locations fast
  • Safe and secure export in Cryptovision format