Case Study

Petards First ScotRail Project

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Customer: First Group
  • Project Type: Refurbishment
  • Solution: On-Board and Forward-Facing
  • Value: £2 million +
  • Year: 2005/6 and 2007/8

Project Overview

First ScotrailIn 2005, when First ScotRail was looking at on-board surveillance options, they turned to Petards to provide the most sophisticated, reliable and comprehensive security camera system available.

Up to five state-of-the-art CCTV cameras were installed in each carriage, capable of recording high-resolution images from every angle. A total of 2,000 cameras saw almost every First ScotRail train covered within two years.

Today, the multi-million-pound system remains one of the most hi-tech on the rail network, with over 230 trains equipped.
First ScotRail's entire diesel fleet and almost all its electric trains were covered in the project.

Andy Mellors, Engineering Director at First Group said: "It is essential the travelling public can feel confident and secure. We were impressed with the high-quality images from the new digital technology."

Following on from this project, Petards again worked successfully with First Group.
This time on the Great Western line in 2007/8, where eyeTrain On-board was fitted to the full fleet of DMU's.

Feedback from this second project has again been glowing with British Transport Police delighted with the evidence the system has provided, particularly due to the clarity of image that eyeTrain provides.