ProVida ANPR is our proven, high performance system for capturing and monitoring vehicle registration marks and overview images.

RDAS (Re-deployable ANPR Systems)Petards have a rich history in ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) having worked with police forces including British Transport Police and the Metropolitan Police Force on ANPR projects over many years.

Within the transport sector our systems can be uniquely shaped to help solve many security and logistical issues.

Level Crossing Monitoring

Recent data shows that there over 3000 incidents of level crossing misuse each year, with many thousands more risking their own lives and those of train passengers without being reported.

Petards re-deployable ANPR systems allow level crossings to be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
The system can be programmed to ensure any vehicle that passes through a closed level crossing can be automatically recorded with their number plate and overview image.
Sent via GPS to police or train operating companies, the whole process from level crossing misuse to receipt of data by police/head office takes just 15 seconds.

Car Park Entry

Car parkPetards ANPR systems can be linked with secondary equipment which can:

  • Restrict access of certain areas to registered vehicles
  • Be used as an advanced method of car park charging

Crime and Vandalism Hot Spots

Crime on and around rail lines has increased in recent years, risking lives but also causing long and expensive delays for train operators.

Petards re-deployable ANPR cameras can be used to monitor number plates that pass close to crime hot spots at certain times. The data can then be reviewed to look for suspicious behaviour.


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Key Points:

  • ANPR success rate in excess of 95%
  • Systems fully re-deployable
  • Live links with information stored on any relevant databases including BOF and BOF2
  • A range of computers including approved vehicle systems, rapid deployment and laptops.
  • Dual video input including Infrared (IR) cameras for 24 hour operation

Existing Customers include:

  • British Transport Police
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Essex Police
  • Sussex Police