ProVida X300 Upgrade

ProVida X300 Upgrade

ProVida in car systems have been installed in over 5000 police vehicles over the last 15 years in over 20 countries. We are proud to say that many of these systems remain in excellent working condition, providing police forces with reliable speed enforcement and dangerous driving evidence on a daily basis.
However, many of these older systems are still reliant on VHS tape recording systems.

By todays standards, the quality of this recording is poor and evidence storage and retrieval is both time and space consuming.

To solve this issue, and get the best out of existing ProVida 2000 components, Petards have integrated the new X300 hard drive recorder into both ProVida 2000 & 4000 solutions - allowing simple upgrade from either VHS recorders or the older X200 DVR. The X300 offers higher quality results with full D1 recording capability and up to 1TB of recording space.

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x300 unit