Mini Hawk 2i

Mini Hawk 2i

Used by police forces around the world, the mini hawk 2i is a high quality combination of ANPR and overview camera in a single housing.

It comprises a fixed focal length mono IR camera with matched illuminator and integrated day/night colour camera for overview pictures.

It is ideal for short to medium range fixed or mobile ANPR applications up to 25m which require a colour overview image.

Regardless of the ANPR engine used, the minihawk 2i significantly improves the performance of recognition.

Features include:-

  • Electronic zoom and digital pan/tilt facility with IR capability.
  • Optically filtered to match the wavelength of the illuminator - excluding the effects of extraneous light.
  • Low power and hard anodised weather proof packaging it is particularly suited to external fitting on all types of vehicle.
  • Unique control capability to synchronise with the IR illuminator which can offer higher contrast images in day or night, ensuring more definition and sharper edges to greatly improve ANPR performance.
  • Supplied with a stainless steel adjustable universal bracket for vehicle or fixed mounting.
  • Fast connection via IP68 connector with 5m composite cable which is waterproof when mated.
  • Simplified installation - cable is broken out into individual wires which can easily be passed through bulkheads or the interior of a vehicle.
  • Camera is supplied as standard with 25mm focal length lenses for operation at medium to long distance.
  • Options for 8mm, 16mm and 25mm are available for shorter range, wider angle, operation.
  • Control is via an optically isolated RS232-C link and uses the Petards Universal Protocol for full dynamic control of camera setup and performance.
  • GUI (Graphic User Interface) available to download via website for easy set up and optimisation.