Hawk Plus 1i

Hawk Plus 1i

The ProVida Hawk Plus 1i is a high quality mono camera module with integrated zoom lens and two high power IR illuminators in a single housing.

It is ideal for medium to long range fixed or mobile ANPR applications up to 45m which require high power illumination

Features include:-

  • 18x optical zoom with auto focus and extensive control capabilities. Varifocal lens means one camera fits all applications up to 45m.
  • Optically filtered to match the wavelength of the illuminator to exclude the effects of extraneous light.
  • Compact construction and hard anodised weather proof packaging ensure suitability for arduous external fixed site applications.
  • Mono camera has unique control capability to synchronise with the IR illuminator which can offer higher contrast images in day or night, ensuring more definition and sharper edges to greatly improve ANPR performance.
  • Control is optically isolated and uses the Petards Universal Protocol which is ASCII text based and the electrical interface is RS232 at 9K6bps (9600,8,n,1).
  • GUI (Graphic User Interface) available to download via website for easy set up and optimisation.
  • Supplied with a stainless steel adjustable swivel bracket for easy mounting.
  • Fast connection is via a 7 way connector with 5m composite connection cable which is waterproof when mated.
  • Simplified installation - cable is broken out into individual wires which can easily be routed through glands and street furniture and also easily terminated.
  • Illuminator supplied as standard is 850nm which offers a range of up to 45m.
  • More powerful illumination is available to give a brighter image of the number plate including 810nm which will be more visible.
  • Where the illumination is required to be totally invisible 940nm can be used and the dual illuminators will give a distance close to that achievable at the shorter wavelengths.