Case Study

CIS - ARTD Project

  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Customer: MoD
  • Project Type: Solution Design
  • Solution: Communications Systems

Project Overview

Rebroadcast UnitThe Army Recruiting and Training Division (ARTD) of UK MoD, recently worked with Petards Joyce-Loebl to provide a versatile and scalable radio communications solution.

ARTD were looking to enhance the safe management of recruits on various training areas across the UK by providing an improved radio communications system for the use of instructors running training exercises. The system needed to provide an all informed safety net, capable of being quickly deployed into training areas with the ability to grow or shrink depending on the communications network needed for any specific exercise.

The solution provided consists of rugged portable repeaters utilising both VHF and UHF bands which can be powered from deployed battery packs, vehicle supply, or mains power. The VHF element establishes a communications backbone between 2 or more repeater units whilst the UHF stage provides a local net. This combination of frequency bands allows for extended coverage and maximum versatility in deployment. The range can simply be increased by adding a further rugged portable repeater into the network.Radio Handsets This capability allows the system to be both scalable and versatile depending on terrain and application.

To further enhance the adaptability of the solution, additional rebroadcast units were produced to ensure that communications coverage was achieved in hard to reach areas

Petards Joyce-Loebl provided a full turn-key solution through engaging with the customer from initial design conception, through to trials, FAT, SAT, and delivery. Facilities are also in place to ensure that the equipment is fully supported through life.