Electronic Warfare

Advanced Surveillance

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

ProVida ANPR is our proven, high performance system for capturing and monitoring vehicle registration marks and overview images.

Petards have a rich history in ANPR technology, working with police forces in the UK and overseas including the Metropolitan Police Force.


The same technology has proven capable of providing significant operational advantages to the defence sector in areas such as:

Check Points

ProVida ANPR cameras and technology can be used to automatically record and check number plates of vehicles passing through military check points.

Using pre-set databases, the system can alert military staff to any vehicles recorded as being of interest or that have no authorisation to pass through the check point.

Security of Military Bases

Petards re-deployable ANPR systems can be used to monitor number plates that pass close to military bases. During periods of heightened security, the data can be reviewed to investigate suspicious or patterned vehicle behaviour around the base.

ProVida ANPR technology has been used in many applications and can be fully customised to suit any operational requirement including in vehicle and ruggedised lap top solutions.

Key Points:

  • On vehicle surveillance solutions
  • Mass storage capable of recording weeks of operational footage
  • IR and thermal imaging options for 24 hour operation
  • A range of ANPR Solutions incliding approved vehicle systems, rapid deployment and laptops