Petards help extend Puma life

17 June 2011

Petards Joyce-Loebl, the UK's Design Authority for the ALE-47 Countermeasures Dispensing System, is delighted to announce it will be working with the MoD on the Puma Life Extension Programme (LEP) that will keep Pumas in service for another 10 years. The aircraft will receive twin Turbomeca Makila turboshafts, new gearboxes and tail rotors, as well as new engine controls and a digital autopilot and a significantly improved Defensive Aids Suite of self-protection equipment|

PUMAThe Puma, which entered service in 1971, is used as a battlefield helicopter within the Joint Helicopter Command and provides tactical troop and load movement by day or night. The aircraft can carry 16 fully-equipped troops, or up to 2 tonnes of freight carried either internally or as an underslung load. Six stretchers can also be fitted for the role of casualty or medical evacuation.

Under the contract Petards Joyce-Loebl will provide ALE-47 Programmers for the specialist ALE-47 TACDS Threat Adaptive Counter Measures Dispensing System fitted to the aircraft thereby enabling the system to be fully integrated into the Defensive Aids Suite.

Supplied from Petards Joyce-Loebl's Gateshead factory the ALE-47 TACDS is a highly capable and sophisticated chaff and flare dispensing system which will significantly enhance the protection and countermeasures capability of the Puma to survive IR (Infra Red) or RF (Radio Frequency) missile attack.

Petards Electronic Warfare Manager, David Jamieson said "The Puma has remained a vital part of the MoD's air fleet for many years. These upgrades will ensure the aircraft is fully equipped to defend itself when in active service, and we are delighted to be working on the project."