Petards Joyce-Loebl Equipment utilised in Libya

13 June 2011

The French Air Force and British RAF were among allied forces using E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircrafts in recent operations over Libya.|

AWACsNATO is performing the operation to enforce an arms embargo and no fly zone over Libya in support of UN Security Council Resolutions.

The aircrafts from both forces utilise Sentry-View 20 display units, designed and developed by Petards Joyce-Loebl. The high performance TFT-LCD display interfaces with the planes radar console graphics system.

Using the displays, operators are able to view a comprehensive air picture of the no-fly zone and enables COAC (Combined Air Operations Centre) to engage targets more accurately and effectively.

Rob Waddington, Petards Head of Defence & Security said; "It is fantastic to see the technology that Petards Joyce-Loebl have designed and developed being utilised in real operations that could help save hundreds of lives."

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