Directorate Appointment

22 January 2013

Further to its announcement earlier today regarding the appointment of Raschid Michael Abdullah (aged 68) as a director and executive chairman with immediate effect, Petards Group plc (“Petards” or “the Company”) announces the following disclosures pursuant to Schedule 2(g) of the AIM Rules.|

Mr Abdullah is currently chairman of Water Hall Group plc (“Water Hall”) which owns 29.99 per cent. of the Company’s issued ordinary share capital. He does not beneficially own any ordinary shares in Petards.

Mr Abdullah has or has had in the last five years the following directorships:

Current directorships Past directorships held within last five years

Water Hall Group plc Star Quarry Products Limited
  Warecrete Limited
Water Hall (Pension Trustees) Limited Water Hall (England) Limited
Best Value Composting Limited  
Best Value Partnerships Limited  
Hoy Quarries Limited  
Marlow Marine (Offshore) Limited  
Marlow Marine Limited   
Marlow Offshore Limited
SQ Environmental Limited  
Valentine Quarries Limited  
Water Hall (Nominees) Limited  
Water Hall (Scotland) Limited  
Water Hall International Limited  
SQ Environmental Trust Limited  
(All of the above are wholly-owned subsidiary companies of Water Hall Group plc)  
School Life & Times Limited  
Schools Newspaper Group Limited  
Scholastic Life & Times Limited  

On 26 April 1996 Mr Abdullah was appointed a director of all Water Hall’s then subsidiaries as a matter of Group policy, including Starmix Limited (“Starmix”), a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Water Hall. Starmix was placed into receivership and subsequently dissolved on 17 July 1998. The issues causing Starmix to be put into receivership related to a claim concerning products supplied prior to Mr Abdullah’s appointment as a director.

There are no other disclosures required in accordance with Schedule 2(g) of the AIM Rules.

The information contained in this part of our website is being disclosed in accordance with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules.