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Quality Engineer

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Part 1: Job Profile

    • As part of the Quality team, ensures that all products and services meet customer requirements by monitoring defined processes and systems.
    • Reports to the Quality Manager
    • Represents Company on quality matters at meetings with customer's/customers' representatives both in the UK and Overseas.
    • Liaises at all levels internally to carry out inspection and testing; Department manager level for Audits. Director Level for QMS Documentation; Director & Departmental Manager level for business systems documentation.
    • To carry out internal and external quality audits for the Company.
    • Quality lapse resolution and investigation of non-compliance.
    • Generation & Management of Integrated Management System (IMS) and business systems documentation.
    • Quality Awareness training for Petards employees.
    • Carry out Quality reviews, in-works, at customer sites and at suppliers.
    • Minimum NVQ Level 3 or equivalent. Must be computer literate (word processing, spreadsheets, drawings/graphics and databases).
    • Trained Auditor, Trained in use of Quality Tools
    • Comprehensive/detailed knowledge and understanding of products and processes for Electronic manufacturing - minimum 2-3 years (manufacturing or design).
    • Awareness of quality - should have worked in a Quality Environment for a minimum of 3 years or have good understanding of current Company systems and their application.
    • Knowledge / Use of Q-Pulse, Quality Plans (ISO 10005/10006)
    • First Article Inspections and Reports PFMEA,
    • Knowledge of Rail Industry and/or MOD environment preferred

Part 2: Duties & Key Responsibilities

  1. Carry out Internal and External Quality Audits and Prepare Reports
    • Minimum NVQ Level 3 or equivalent. Must be computer literate (word processing, spreadsheets, drawings/graphics and databases).
    • Trained Auditor, Trained in use of Quality Tools
  2. Quality lapse resolution and investigation of non-compliance
    • Carry out review of non-compliances to procedures, quality lapses and customer complaints, investigating problems and aiding resolution.
    • Facilitate Root Cause Analysis in the event of non-conformance. Use of 8D Analysis
    • Liaison with relevant personnel and suppliers ensuring improvement plans are initiated and that relevant actions are completed.
  3. Generation & Management of Quality Management System (QMS) and IMS systems documentation
    • Preparation and Issue of Quality Management System Documentation
    • Review & Development of Quality Care Cards
  4. Ensure IMS requirements are incorporated into contract working instructions and that requirements are achieved
    • Control quality to ensure specific contracts meet contractual quality standards, using a number of methods inclusive of surveillance audits.
    • Review & Amend manufacturing procedures to reflect customers' requirements.
    • Act as communication link during visits by customers
    • Issue Certificates of Compliance
  5. Quality Awareness training for Petards employees
    • Act as trainer on quality matters within the company, as required.
    • Promote quality awareness.
    • Train employees seconded to the department from other areas in general appreciation of quality, e.g. apprentices, graduates.
  6. Project start, new Product
    • Compile and maintain a project Quality Plan in accordance with ISO 10005 / 10006.
    • Progress and results should be verifiable based on (a) project-critical factors, (b) quality related KPI's or (c) defined target values or characteristics to be achieved.
    • Produce regular Quality status reports to project management
    • Actively participate in any lessons learned or project reviews at the closure of projects.
    • First Article Inspections / Reports. PFMEA Project Checklists
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